Sep 2023

Striving to live your best financial life

Speaking with The Press & Journal in September 2023, Chartered Financial Planner Paul McCabe suggests that a less transactional approach to financial advice, focusing on long-term and holistic benefits, can significantly enhance clients' financial well-being.

Striving to live your best financial life

Paul McCabe, a chartered financial planner at Acumen Financial Planning, views himself as a counselor, helping clients achieve their dream of living their best financial life. He emphasises the importance of regular, in-depth conversations, particularly during periods of economic uncertainty and the ongoing cost-of-living crisis. McCabe believes in going beyond traditional financial planning by delving into clients' dreams, fears, and psychological aspects. He sees financial planning as a form of counseling, helping clients understand how to achieve financial independence and live the life they aspire to. The heart of Acumen Financial Planning's service revolves around lifestyle financial planning, using technology to carefully build a picture of clients' financial goals.

Financial planning is considered an ongoing process, requiring yearly updates to adapt to changes and ensure clients achieve their financial objectives. As a Group, we commit to guiding clients through any financial challenge with a tailored, personal service, steering away from transactional approaches.

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Editor's notes

Published in The Scotsman September 2023.

The information provided is the opinion of Paul McCabe, Chartered Financial Planner at Acumen Financial Planning and should not be regarded as advice. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch with the team.

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