Wealth Management
Our primary objective is to assist you in creating wealth from your available resources within your risk tolerances, in order to meet your long term financial objectives

Our tried and rested process starts with 3 simple questions:

What are you saving/investing for and by when?

What is your attitude to investment risk and capacity for loss?

What is your likely tax position – now and in future?

We will then engage with you to formulate an investment strategy that encompasses all of the above and will also include:

  • Establishing a contingency fund for short term planned expenditure and for unexpected events, so that you never have to sell investments at an inopportune time.
  • Identifying levels of risk and volatility that you are comfortable with and designing a portfolio to suit your tolerances.
  • Establishing an appropriate asset allocation to create diversity across investment sectors and regions.
  • Allocating your funds to the most efficient “tax wrappers”
  • Selecting professional fund management partners and investment solutions that are within your range of acceptable costs and fees.
  • Implementing a procedure to monitor and report on the progress of your investments.


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