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At Medical & Dental Financial Planners we believe that professional financial advice can add significant value to individuals and businesses.

It is because of this belief that we provide a range of services designed to create real value for our clients.

As your partner in building wealth and security, we focus on ways that we can help you to live the life that you want to live. By engaging Medical & Dental Financial Planners you assure yourself of regular financial checkups and access to new ideas brought to you by a team that specialises in financial planning for those in the medical & dental professions.

Choosing a financial partner is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Take your time, choose wisely, and we hope that we can earn the right to work with you into the future with our range of programmes that can be tailored to your specific needs.

  • The Medical & Dental Financial Planning Programme
  • The Medical & Dental Risk Management Programme
  • The Medical & Dental Wealth Management Programme
  • The Medical & Dental Retirement┬áProgramme
  • The Medical & Dental Estate Planning Programme
  • The Medical & Dental Practice & Business┬áService


Having established what type of advice you require and agreed the fee basis, we will then collect detailed information as follows:

  • Personal and family information.
  • Income and expenditure, assets and liabilities.
  • Details of existing plans, e.g. insurance policies, pensions, savings and investments.
  • Your future career plans.

We will also ask relevant questions to ascertain what your aims and objectives are for your financial future. e.g. buying a new home, funding your children’s education, planning for retirement.

Diagnosis and Prescription

We will then discuss with you the various options available to achieve your aims. It is likely that different scenarios will require different solutions. Your objectives will also be prioritised and a broad timescale for implementation agreed.

Detailed research will be undertaken to identify which plans/procedures are best suited for you. Consideration will be given to your risk profile, need for flexibility etc. We will then prepare a draft report containing interim recommendations based on our discussions and meetings.

Once needs have been fully established and you are satisfied with the outcome we will prepare a detailed report covering all aspects and outlining the process for implementation.


Because financial planning is an ongoing process rather than a one-off exercise, it will be necessary to conduct regular reviews to ensure any changes in your circumstances or priorities can be catered for. Changes in legislation and taxation may also necessitate adjustments to your plan.

Typically, reviews will take place once per annum. We can also continue to deal with all ongoing correspondence, statements etc, in respect of your financial plans, and distribute to you those that are relevant and/or require action. This review service is automatically included in the Comprehensive Financial Planning module.

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